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"dorothy" tornado sensor (wired version) (harrison ford) hero m1 carbine rifle (maggie q) bladed lasso (sam worthington) sword hilt hockey mask home key "angus ix" taxidermied dog puppet "antie" stop motion puppet "believe" motion capture train ticket "factory opened" newspaper clipping "flotsam" robot puppet "for luck" jar and penny "hollows" album book "last supper" mouse "once upon a time" underworld book "red dragon" watercolor painting "smokey" the crackhead puppet "the man that can&#39 "the noid" puppet "the thing" creature mask "the torso" display "tim" mouse "vesp" creature egg "vesp" creature puppet (jim carrey) rat prop 1953 playboy #1 magazine a.c. raisin puppet abe lincoln prop display ace ventura&#39 adaa dodgeball rulebook albert einstein bobblehead alice’s (milla jovovich) light up memory device alice’s (milla jovovich) para-ordnance p14 pistols alien footprint castings alien puppet alien puppet and mothership console model miniatures allie calhoun’s (gena rowlands) notebook allspark shard alz-113 canister amanda&#39 andy&#39 angela carson&#39 ant stop-motion puppet apple of eden archer puppet archibald snatcher puppet face argus cube ariel&#39 arrowhead artifact with gem arthur spiderwick&#39 artwork signed by tim burton ashlynn brooke&#39 astronaut puppet avalon hibernation pod power module baby groot maquette background painting of halloween town sky banquet table barbara maitland&#39 barry&#39 bates motel brochures and room #4 key batman&#39 battle droid head battle-damaged federation corvette transport model miniature beast (dan stevens) display bedrock police badge beebop raisin puppet beetlejuice (michael keaton) t-shirt and shirt beetlejuice miniature puppet belle reve federal penitentiary cell key ben&#039 bernie&#39 bev&#039 bigfoot footprint maker blackbeard&#39 blackmarket puppet parts blade&#39 blank jumanji map blood oath marker bloody bone key body snatcher pods bone key book of shadows bottle of "mouse maker" potion boxtroll&#39 brain gremlin cutout bratzi puppet breakaway key bridge of the doomed filming slate bruce nolan&#39 bucket list buddi microchip bug puppets and set bull dragon&#39 burned blade puppet head burrowers rod puppet creature caesar&#39 captain hook&#39 celtic&#39 charles darwin (david tennant) stop-motion puppet & props chicken pie chilled monkey brains head chip&#39 chow&#39 chris roth puppet double christian grey&#39 cinderella&#39 cindy&#39 circus mouse puppet with drum circus mouse puppet with drum and symbols circus mouse puppet with symbols circus mouse puppet with trombone circus mouse puppet with tuba clapperboard claydream clapper clock housing case complete "hammer" display complete "juggernaut" display complete "pilgrimess" display complete "the torn prince" display complete "the withered lover" display complete battle damaged xenomorph complete first born son display complete jackal display compsognathus "compy" puppet conscription scroll coraline head cougar club "cougar" member necklace countess’ (lady gaga) “iron maiden” trap crawlie bug puppet cricket&#39 critter puppet crypt keeper&#39 crystal shard crystal superweapon curious george goes to the hospital book curled croquet hedgehog dark nurse scalpels davy jones&#39 dead formic egg deadpool&#39 dexter morgan’s (michael c. hall) kill kit knife and blood collection tools dexter’s (michael c. hall) blood slide box dog cage dormouse sword dorothy&#39 dr. evil&#39 dr. frankenstein and "creation" puppets dragon glass dagger dragonheart clapper e-5 blaster rifle eddie&#39 edward&#39 elephant token, note and money elizabeth swann&#39 elvira&#39 emissary predator mask enoch (finlay macmillan) sfx heart eve&#39 facehugger famine skeleton puppet father paul hill’s (hamish linklater) hero flask and prayer beads film logo items finger removable block and tools fish and shoe boxtroll puppet faces fish puppet fozzie bear&#39 franjean&#39 frank, louie, bud, weis and er puppet display frankenweenie&#39 freakshow carnival tickets freddy krueger (robert englund) display freddy krueger&#39 frostwolf orc axe, garona’s dagger, and tusk necklace full-size gremlin skeleton galgameth puppet garden gnome gargamel&#39 genie&#39 ghost reel ghost rider&#39 gizmo puppet gizmo xerox photo goblin puppet head and helmet goblin sword godzilla egg gold nugget and vintage picture golden ticket & wonka bar display gollum&#39 gonzo&#39 good guy "chucky" doll gotham city metropolitan police badge grand high witch&#39 gremlin special f/x puppet grid alien head grinch bust groper the frog puppet guide to the apocalypse gumby and pokey puppets gumby puppet gump ornament hannibal lector’s (anthony hopkins) mask hansel&#39 harley quinn&#39 harry dunne&#39 harry potter’s (daniel radcliffe) scar prosthetic harry the hook stop motion puppet and eels helping hand glove hero "arthur spiderwick&#39 hero "soul" pod hero "zar&#39 hero crypt keepers book page hero kursed stone hero mr. boogie mask hero tablet of ahkmenrah hero time cartridges and insert timecodes hfs drug hidden wrist blade info hill house door knob and hinges hollywood sign hooper&#39 horus&#39 huckleberry finn puppet hugh hefner&#39 human fabrication laser indiana jones&#39 inkheart book insert clapperboard isaac izard&#39 jack skellington&#39 jack skellington’s house interior jack sparrow voodoo doll jaguar eye jewel and holder jake lonergan&#39 jake&#39 jakob grimm&#39 jar of moon rocks jason voorhees (ken kirzinger) display jason voorhees&#39 jax teller&#39 jean&#39 jeff the subway worm&#39 jessie&#39 jigsaw&#39 jill valentine&#39 joker&#39 jonah&#39 judge dredd&#39 judge hopkins puppet head key to lore key to the city kitai raige&#39 knickers and eggs boxtroll puppet faces krampus’ bell bauble lagertha&#39 lament cube lazarus machine elixir jar leatherface display leatherface mask leatherlace’s (debbie rochon) costume and chainsaw leif erikson&#39 leslie chow’s (ken jeong) stunt smith & wesson model 15 snub letter and bus ticket to lewis barnavelt lewis barnavelt&#39 lewis’s (owen vaccaro) magic 8-ball life-size gremlin puppet live fire black powder revolver lloyd christmas&#039 lock and key to cyrus kriticos&#39 looney tunes: back in action filming slate lord portley-rind puppet lothar’s (travis fimmel) sword lucy whitmore’s (drew barrymore) journal lycan display m6g personal defense weapon magic wand main hero necromancy book management memo manwhore award map of tiny perfect things margaret keane&#39 mark twain puppet martian puppet master yoda&#39 matrix of leadership max da costa&#39 max medici’s (danny devito) dumbo training stick max&#39 mayan miniature figures mendl&#39 michael jackson raisin puppet michael myers (chris durand) display michael myers mask micro-pod microbot miles blume&#39 mini-me&#39 miniature california raisins and manager puppets miniature door to wonderland miniature mine set and puppets mitchell standard "skellington" 35mm animation film camera mogwai pelt mole and snail puppets mole miner puppet monkey, kubo and beetle faces display morph morph puppet mr. magorium&#39 mr. tweedy&#39 mrs. parker&#39 mummified facehugger mungo puppet and soccer ball mungo&#39 musical jolly chimp toy na&#39 necronomicon flesh page negan&#39 nell sweetzer&#39 nemesis display nemesis&#39 newt scamander&#39 night frights: tales for after dark comic nome stop motion puppet norman&#39 nut sorting room walnuts nux and max&#39 one of the four guards feet one-eyed willie treasure coin oogie boogie&#39 original playboy bunny costume ouija board and planchette oversized (smaller scale) insert dice pathogen vial pee-wee&#39 penny robinson&#039 perseus&#39 piece of "the great serpent" pinhead (doug bradley) display playboy magazine references podling muppet poltergeist iii clapper pop-up book of london pre-crime ball predator spear pressure gauge and hospital light preston&#39 priestess&#39 pulse rifle pumpkin drum pym shrinking serum raccoon city police badge ragetti&#39 raisinette puppet rat, nail and cloth recall syringe red raisin puppet rita vrataski&#39 ritual of chud artifact roc" sword & scabbard roland cox’s (samuel l. jackson) hero “powerstick” weapon room keys 44 and 64 with door placard 64 roy and nick&#39 rumplestiltskin&#39 s "thou shalt not commit adultery" trophy s "thou shalt not worship false idols" trophy s (amy smart) prosthetic chin s (andy serkis) prisoner collar s (anna faris) hero venus fly trap s (anthony perkins) retractable knife s (back) costume piece s (charlie hunnam) hoodie, t-shirt and sunglasses s (daniel craig) gauntlet blaster s (danny devito) umbrella s (eddie redmayne) wand s (eliza dushku) hero shirt s (emily blunt) sword s (fairuza balk) key to oz s (geena davis) horror transformation mask s (george clooney) cowl s (halle bailey) dinglehopper s (heath ledger) book of german folklore s (heath ledger) knife s (ian mcshane) tri-corn hat s (james mcavoy) beretta s (jamie dornan) s&m props s (jason isaacs) hook s (jay ryan) hero knife s (jeff daniels) costume s (jeffery dean morgan) bat “lucille” s (jessica chastain) screen-matched postcard s (jim carrey) lucky prayer beads s (john larroquette) magic bean contract s (kamilla alnes) ice pick s (kane hodder) arm cuffs s (kane hodder) mask s (kate beckinsale) hero costume s (katheryn winnick) fight to the death shield pieces s (katheryn winnick) knife s (ken jeong) "shiitake mushroom" appliance s (leslie jordan) cane s (margot robbie) bat s (marty moreau) bloody head trap s (matt damon) locket s (maxwell jenkins) toy robot s (mila kunis) broom s (mina sundwall) lost in space travel journal and pencils s (natasha henstridge) "hero" bloody dress s (nathan gamble) dolphin necklace s (owen vaccaro) backpack s (owen vaccaro) dictionary, decoder and vote for tarby pin s (paul reubens) "x-ray spex" s (paul reubens) hitchhiking thumb s (richard dreyfuss) dive mask s (rick overton) staff s (robert carlyle) dark one dagger s (robert englund) hero glove s (ryan reynolds) twin iwi desert eagle mark xix pistols s (sarah paulson) hypodermic sewing needle s (screen used) head s (sienna guillory) hero handgun s (slyvester stallone) badge s (steve carrell) smart tech badge s (terry kiser) sunglasses s (tobin bell) notepad s (verne troyer) costume s (wesley snipes) sword & scabbard s (will smith) contract s (withered lover) pic s antler s ash box, and ritual items s badges s baseball s bed and dog bowl s bedroom set and puppets s bio helmet s blood bag gauntlet s book of scary stories s bugs s business card s cake box s cane s cards s chair and desk s chalkboard s chest glyph s claws s clock and playing card key s creative side of the brain puppet s cross s cutless s dice s dog food s dog puppet s dress and notepad, pen, holy water used by cotton marcus s electric chair and switch s fish bone s flower s glass slippers s gold medallion necklace s hero (live fire) revolver s hero and stunt knives s hero double bladed axe s hero eye glass and seeing stone s hero journal & books s hero knife s hero live fire antigen gun s hero live fire berettas s hero scissorhands s intelligence side of the brain puppet s journal, anya&#39 s junk pile s knife s lightsaber s look magazine s mask s miniature submarine s mousetrap s mousterpiece pictures s oversized light-up eye s peg legged parrot s pet detective business card s pet slugzilla puppet s picture s plasma pistol s playboy covers shirt s police badge s popcorn s private room key s production used annotated binder s railgun s rocket launcher s saucer s screen used facial prosthetics s scroll decree s severed bikini s shotgun s shuriken s special f/x needle pit arm s straw boaters hat s stunt crowbar s sunglasses s sword of triton s teeth display s trademark playboy pipe s turret pistol s universal studios office sign s viking helmet s whip s wooden eye s" field guide s" mask s" oxygen mask s" underpants & hair piece sacrificial dagger safari hat sally mckenna&#39 samara display samcro patches sandking creature santa&#39 sarah bellows&#39 sawyer nelson&#39 scar&#39 scary movie 2 clapper sea-monkey&#39 sealed necromancy book sebastian caine’s (kevin bacon) mask sector 7 police badge selene&#39 selene’s stunt walther p99 sgt. carey mahoney&#39 shard of the division sheep puppet sheldon snail puppet shuriken sieg&#39 simon the mechanical bird puppet skeksis cutlery slow norris mask smithsonian hourglass model miniature smurf chair sons of anarchy leather kutte special f/x "hero" ghost glasses special f/x cat special f/x hero hacksaw spider-man&#39 spike the rabbit puppet spiky bulba puppet ss georgie paper boat star wars- episode vii: the force awakens clapper steaming meat pie steven spielburg&#39 stop motion deadite skeleton puppet strike, xenia, lewie and boss puppets and lair set striptease clapper stuart little stand in and suitcase stunt brick sunkist wacky players tv commercial audience members super seinfeld stop motion puppets superman&#39 swollen archibald snatcher (ben kingsley) stop-motion puppet sword of kings syringe and blood cells t breathe&#39 t-virus vial tcri mutagen ooze vial tears of the moon tree flower ted bear ten commandment killer&#39 terrigen crystal thames dock cage skeleton the "collector&#39 the "great child&#39 the complete arcanum the neverending story book the night of the living dummy book the penguin&#39 the texas chainsaw massacre clapper the toolbox the wizard of oz burned version book theodore roosevelt’s (robin williams) cavalry sword and scabbard time scepter tinkerbell (julia roberts) rotoscope model wings tiny&#39 tomorrowland pin tony&#39 tranquilizer dart trimaxion "morphing" miniature ship turboman toy store figure turtle mutagen tusk twinkle star hair spray can v mask variety of cheeses velociraptor dna embryo for cryo can vendela&#39 vi photograph set volt meter and bucket voodoo doll and needle wade watts’ (tye sheridan) goggles wallace "were-rabbit" transformation head warner bros. studios security guard badge warrior chimp display water strider bug weasel alien puppet wednesday and pugsley addams puppets wendolene puppet armature wesley&#39 wet bandit&#39 wet bandits escape during prison riot newspaper wet bandits escape newspaper wicked witch of the west&#39 will robinson&#39 will vinton&#39 willard stenk puppet head william drake book wilson ball winnie the pooh&#039 winnie the pooh&#39 wolf predator animatronic head wolf&#39 wolverine&#39 worm guy puppet wybie&#39 x-wing "blocking shot" miniature xenomorph egg yoda&#39 youngling ashla&#39 yul puppet zero puppet zero&#39 zombie mask “judge doom’s” (christopher lloyd) special fx eyeballs “mac” (mysterious alien creature) puppet “the eye of the needle" dagger
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