Wesley Cannon

From an early age, movies have always sparked my curiosity: the wonderful stories they tell, the actors involved and the mind blowing special effects.  I can remember I used to sit and stare at the screen as the stories unfolded right before my eyes.  It was truly amazing to me how a story could whisk us away to distant lands, or have us hoping someone would escape the villain that never seems to die. 

I began acquiring movie memorabilia at a young age through many years of experience and love for the film industry.  I have had the pleasure to not only expand my private collection to what you have viewed here today, but I have also developed valuable and lasting relationships with other collectors that share similar interests as mine as well as numerous talented professionals associated with the film industry.  The reality for someone to own a piece of “movie magic” creates excitement in the eyes of the owner to know they too can have a piece of cinema history.

My collection of memorabilia has been obtained through various sources to include other collectors, film industry contacts and production companies.  To ensure authenticity, the history and origin of each piece is researched through the ability of a possible “screen match” or direct authentication from the production’s crew members.  Each piece of memorabilia tells a special story that should be preserved and displayed to ensure future generations can also enjoy their importance in film history.

I hope you enjoy browsing and viewing many of the pieces from my private collection.  Though the majority of memorabilia listed on my site is part of my private collection, if you see a particular item of interest, feel free to contact me.  Thank you for visiting my site and remember the possibility can in fact become a reality “When watching the movie is just not enough.”