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Judge Hopkins Puppet Head
A stop motion face used in the 2012 Laika stop motion film, ParaNorman! Agatha Prenderghast, nicknamed as Aggie, was an alleged witch whose curse haunts Blithe Hollow. She is the deuterogamist in the story ParaNorman, and serves a somewhat antagonistic role that was decreased to some extent near the end of the film. Initially introduced as an evil and malevolent witch, she was actually only an innocent little girl, but she was accused of witchcraft because of her ability to speak to the dead in the year of 1712 and was executed, leading to the cursing of the seven puritans. This is the leader of the Zombies; Judge Hopkins screen used head from the film. Heads like this were used on the puppets and have a flexible skin to help in the articulation during animation and creation of the stop motion scenes.
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