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Gorg Creatures
A long-nosed and stalk eyes Gorg alien from the 1999 George Lucas blockbuster Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. These fantastically weird creatures can be seen on screen when they go into Tatooine to get ship parts and hanging from a stall in the Mos Espa marketplace where the inept Jar-Jar Binks assumes the tasty snacks are free and wreaking havoc. The long nose Gorg is first to show up in the scene as they walk by and you see the stalk eyes Gorg on the wide screen version when Jar Jar’s hunger gets the best of him and he steals one of the vendors Gorgs. Having a custom themed marketplace display, the long flexible pieces are made of soft rubber while having very distinctive color patterns across their skin with one having wide set yellow eyes on stalks, clawed hands, stubby webbed feet and no tail; While the other Gorg has two eyes on stalks, suckers for hands and webbed feet and a long tail.
Frog_Display.jpg Sniper_Rifle_Display.jpg Gorg Display.jpg IMG_2490.jpg Chestburster_Display.jpg