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Gump's Miniature Scale Sofa
Dorothy, saved from a psychiatric experiment by a mysterious girl, is somehow called back to Oz when a vain witch and the Nome King destroy everything that makes the magical land beautiful. From the 1985 adventure film Return to Oz, this is Gump’s miniature scale Sofa. When they devise a plan to escape the Emerald City; it involved using Mombi's Powder of Life to bring to life the old Gump head in the tower and attaching it to two sofas with a broom for a tail and palm leafs for wings to fly them out. Mombi became aware of their plot and tried to stop them, but despite some complications they finished and brought to life the flying Gump sofa and all escaped out the tower window. This piece can be seen when the Nome King being to become furious, turns into a rock creature and says he is going to start by eating Gump’s Sofa that helps get Gump around.
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