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Will Randall’s (Jack Nicholson) Wolf Pendant Necklace
After being bitten by a wolf in rural Vermont, aging book editor Will Randall (Jack Nicholson) finds himself full of youthful vigor. As increasingly animal-like urges begin to overwhelm him, Randall worries that he may be a werewolf. From the 1994 film Wolf, this is the original Wolf silver pendant worn by Will Randall. The pendant can be seen throughout the film beginning when Will visits Dr. Vijav Alezais, who gives him the amulet to protect him from turning completely into a wolf. Alezais asks Will to bite him as Alezais does not have long to live and would prefer "demonization to death". After refusing, Will keeps the amulet so that he will not fully transform at the next full moon. Made of cast metal and expertly antiqued and finished, the pendant features a crude wolf's head on both sides. The front of the pendant also features the embossed letters "N A Z" encircling the wolf's head and strung on a leather cord necklace.
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