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Miniature California Raisins and Manager Puppets
This special has the band hiring a slick-talking new manager, Leonard Limabean, in an attempt to make a comeback. Under his guidance, the Raisins try their hand at various new musical genres, including Disco Polka, Country Rap, and Demolition Rock, to humorous effect. The group's troubles begin to manifest, however, upon the replacement of singer A.C. with their manager's young protégé, Lick Broccoli. From the 1990 Will Vinton TV Claymation TV special The Raisins: Sold Out!: The California Raisins II, this is the miniature raisin puppets and their manager from the scene in the film when they sing to “Demolition Rock”. In the scene, the camera zooms out from a distance and these puppets were used so it would appear they were far away.
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