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Skeksis Cutlery
A set of Skeksis finger cutlery from Frank Oz and Jim Henson’s fantasy film The Dark Crystal. These eating utensils were used in the banquet scene as the lizard-like Skeksis creatures ate a massive dinner and discussed the escape of Jen (performed by Jim Henson and voiced by Stephen Garlick). Made of metal with blue colored crystals and faux diamonds, the cutlery resembles a knife, a skewer and a spoon and is designed to be worn like finger rings. The utensils feature ornate detailing with rings of runes around their circumference and the mouth of a Skeksis wrapped around the colored gem at the fingertip.
IMG_8086.jpg Skeksis_Cutlery_Display.jpg Bat_Puppet_Display.jpg Gremlin Skeleton Display.jpg Goblin_Puppet_Display.jpg